Jobs In M Tech

The job profile for M. Tech graduates cannot be defined in general since it depends on the branch of the study taken by candidate. In M. Tech program different branches like Electronic and Communication Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Bio-Technology are available and the job opportunities differ from one group to another. Normally, many top rated companies, visit institutes and universities for selecting the students from any particular branch of M. Tech for their company through campus interview. So, the students can get placement confirmation even before they complete their course. Mostly, top companies recruit the M. Tech graduates for their research and development wing of their company.

M. Tech Civil Engineering:

M. Tech civil engineers are in great demand in construction companies in India and abroad nowadays since government is going for infrastructure facilities to develop industries. Top rated construction companies like L&T, Maytas, DLF, Brigade, etc… appoint M. Tech civil engineers for good position and offer very good pay package along with many benefits. Civil engineering students are recruited through campus interview as well and a record of the National Institute of Technology in Calicut says that out of the 102 companies that visited their campus, 20 were civil engineering companies and most of the students are getting good placement with a minimum pay rate of around Rs.4.35 lakh per annum, sounds interesting isn’t?

M. Tech Information Technology:

Information Technology engineers can get jobs in most popular IT companies like Wipro, CTS, Infosys, TCS, etc… Some of the jobs performed by the information technology engineers include date networking, data management, designing software and database, etc… The minimum pay package offered to M. Tech information technology engineers increases every year and it also depends on their job profile. For instance, as a software engineer they can get a minimum pay out of around Rs.250000 per year and this will increase year after year once they gain experience and expertise in their field.

M. Tech graduates can get decent jobs with good pay rate and they are in demand not only in India, but also abroad because of this professional course has got reputation all over the world.


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